Trump Has Come Up With An Outrageous Scheme To Make Democrats Pay For His Mexico Wall

Donald Trump’s Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said during a Bloomberg Live interview that Trump would give Democrats one dollar of Obamacare funding for each dollar they give to the wall. Forget Mexico; Trump is trying to make Democrats pay for the wall.

Sarah Ferris of Politico tweeted:

After Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer stops laughing, he will say no.

Trump has gone from promising that Mexico would pay for the wall to trying to get Congress to pay for the wall to trying to get Democrats to pay for the wall. What Trump’s latest scheme indicates is that he doesn’t have the Republican votes needed to pay for the wall, so he is holding your health care hostage unless you pay for the wall.

Democrats aren’t going to stand by and let their constituents health care be held for ransom.

The answer to Mulvaney’s proposal will be a loud and resounding no. If Trump wants to pay for the wall, he can either pay for it himself or have his bigoted supporters who want the wall cover the cost.

Trump claims to be a builder, so let him build his own damn wall, and leave our health care out of it.