Trump Is Too Busy Retweeting Fox & Friends To Care About Global Science Marches

As thousands of activists and scientists all over the globe march in favor of science, Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to issue a series of tweets – and none of them, at least at this hour, had anything to do with the massive worldwide climate change demonstrations.

In one instance, the president even retweeted this Fox & Friends post about undocumented immigrants, showing footage of people apparently crossing the U.S.-Mexico border:

Other posts from Trump’s Twitter account on Saturday included one about an upcoming campaign rally he plans to hold in Pennsylvania next week, an announcement that he will be rolling out a tax proposal on Wednesday, and yet another Fox & Friends retweet.

At the end of the day, the president’s flurry of Earth Day tweets shows that he is unable and unwilling to have a substantive discussion about important issues – in this case, climate change. Instead, at least through one of his tweets, he was hoping to divert attention away from that issue by cashing in on the anti-immigrant sentiment that got him elected in the first place.

It’s not clear if Trump will make any comment about the marches later in the day, but chances are if he does, it will only be to attack the participants and accuse them of being paid political operatives.

For now, the world continues to suffer the consequences of climate change, and the United States has a president who’s too busy tweeting to care.