Trump Russia Defense a ‘Bullsh*t Tornado’ of Magic Spells and Rejected X-Files Scripts

Ever wonder what bizarre alchemy is holding together the defense of Donald Trump and his GOP allies against charges of collusion with Russia? GOP strategist Rick Wilson offered an answer in an epic 13-tweet takedown, and it’s not pretty.

The formula he reveals includes early-onset dementia, lies, and worse: pitted against the findings of the US intelligence community (IC) is a ‘bullshit tornado’ of “Spells of Forgetting” and “rejected X-Files scripts.”

As former Clinton-era White House staffer Claude Taylor observed, this is “State of the Art Twitter.” Read on, and enjoy the epic takedown:

There are still a few Republicans on the committee who believe Yates can be a foil for the dumb “unmasking/leakers” strategy. This is dumb, because it was led by Devin “Patsy” Nunes on direct orders from WH/Bannon. This basal, twitch-reflex “But Obummer” defense of Trump’s Russia ties is understandable but also literally betting the GOP’s future on Trump and his team telling House GOP Intel Committee members the truth.

Given Trump is a serial fabulist surrounded by the same does this strike any Republican in the House as a good bet? That the denials don’t come with caveats, exceptions, codicils, memory lapses, early-onset dementia, attorney-client privilege, Spells of Forgetting, lies, obfuscations, lacuane [sic], evasions, rejected X-files spec scripts, and his usual tenuous ability to tell the truth about simple facts like the day of the week and his own name. So keeping up the bullshit tornado as per the last hearings is a weak hand.

It’s also been VERY clear the House Intel staff has had enough. The GOP members know now that the Trump/Russia intel didn’t come DOWN from the Obama WH but UP from organic collection. The hissy-fit, stompy-foot “conservative” writers trying to turn this into the Evil Kenyan Muslim Sleeper Agent’s Dirty Tricks are free to continue. Soldier on, clickservative warriors. Soldier on.

And the concluding three tweets:

As a postscript, Texas “faithless elector” Christopher Suprun, who made news by not casting his vote for Trump, asked Wilson, “Do you really think Trump’s hand is a pair of twos? Is it even that good?”

Wilson’s response: “If that.”

Former NSA analyst John Schindler, who has told the GOP that a war with the intel community can only “end in tears,” added his thoughts, concluding with the observation that,

“‘Conservatives’ now rebranding routine FVEY/NATO intel sharing as ‘collusion with foreign spies” to save TrumPutin.'”

Yes. They’re that desperate. Investigating Trump’s spy scandal is the “real” spy scandal according to Trumpists.

Trump’s Republican defenders are going to feel pretty foolish when it comes time for POTUS to lay his cards on the table and he can’t even show a pair of 2s. In the vernacular, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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