Trump’s Earth Day Message Claims a Gutted EPA ‘Enhances Environmental Protection’

Donald Trump finally tweeted about Earth Day as well as issuing an official statement. Both expressed much the same message, that economic growth is more important than the environment, and that somehow, logic unexplained, “economic growth enhances environmental protection.”

His first tweet stressed environmental concerns:

A couple of hours later, he felt the need to amend his message with a tweet in favor of “economic growth”:

His official Earth Day statement was much the same:

As empty slogans go, this one is pretty empty, and it is difficult to see how this is even possible. Especially when you consider that “economic progress” for Trump is to be found in his “reduced economic burdens on corporations,” which translates as relaxed environmental protections and an Environmental Protection Agency that rejects science and therefore the environment.

His claim of “advancing scientific research” smacks entirely of the standard totalitarian claim of having its own science, which is not science at all.

We saw this in the Soviet Union’s communist science that starved millions, and in Nazi Germany’s National Socialist science, which endorsed “border sciences” such as astrology.

Such a thing as Republican science is not possible. Science is science and the only “science” Trump wants to advance is something that will “prove” global warming is not, in fact, taking place, just like the “science” that proves tobacco doesn’t cause lung cancer.

Trump’s Earth Day message does not celebrate the Earth, but rather the economic exploitation of it. Unsurprising coming from a man who has bragged about sexually assaulting women, his message is an endorsement of the rape of our Earth.