Rachel Maddow Explains How Trump’s Foreign Policy Incompetence Is A Threat To The World

While his first 100 days in the White House have brought nothing but complete incompetence and failure, perhaps the most troubling aspect of the new administration is how they’ve (mis)managed foreign policy issues so badly.

The first three months of the Trump presidency has proved that the history of U.S. presidents – Republican and Democrat – doing their best to maintain stability in matters of foreign policy and national security is clearly a thing of the past.

On Monday night, Rachel Maddow explained how this troubling pattern of unsteadiness and incompetence could be a threat to the world.


Maddow touched on several examples of just how badly the national security apparatus has deteriorated with Trump at the helm, whether it’s lying about the success of military operations in Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan or having a “pro-Trump, swearing imposter” speak for the U.S. military instead of, well, experienced foreign policy officials.

Maddow said:

We don’t usually have to ask these questions about the U.S. military. We are nearing the 100-day benchmark for this new presidency, but in a very sensitive, anything-can-happen time for the world, keep your eyes not just on [Trump] as an official. Keep your eyes on this government that he is running, because the very serious, important parts of it that we need and expect to be basically competent at placing America where we want to be in the world – those parts of government are doing some weird stuff lately. 

Meanwhile, tensions around the globe are as high as they’ve ever been, particularly as North Korea – provoked by Trump – is threatening to wage a nuclear war on the U.S. if they continue to show signs of aggression.

At a time when stability and competence are more important than ever, we have a president who has none of those qualities – in fact, he’s the polar opposite.

That’s not just a threat to the United States; it’s a threat to the world.