Trump Looks Increasingly Unstable As He Asks People To Go On Television And Lie For Him


Trump is intentionally trying to manipulate what the American people see by telling those who meet with him to go on television and lie about how good the meeting was.
The Washington Post had a perfect example of how Trump is trying to use television to manipulate the American people:

Either way, Trump’s viewing habits have seeped into the ether of both the White House and the nation’s capital. During the Republicans’ failed health-care push last month, Trump invited a small group of conservative activists to meet with him in the Oval Office. When the meeting was over, said someone with knowledge of the gathering, the president made a plea to the participants: “I know you have already said it’s a bad deal, but Kellyanne is going to walk you out to the microphones and I’d love it if you could say it’s great,” Trump said.

Trump is trying to craft a perception of his entire presidency that is based on using television, and especially cable news to mislead. The vast majority of Americans get their news from television, so if Trump can put out enough false information and misleading perceptions, he believes that he can become a popular president.

The president’s obsession with cable news and his attempts to get people to lie to make him look good are part of the pattern of behavior that has experts warning about his mental health. The President Of The United States is encouraging people to lie to make him look good, which is dangerous behavior that seems destined to come back to haunt the nation.