Trump: ‘Positive’ Polls Show 53% See Him as ‘Strong Leader’ But Obama Got 77% in 2009

Donald Trump apparently went to bed and woke up with the same thought in mind: “fake news” polls showing him at his most unpopular while trying to pretend there was actually some unvarnished good news to be gleaned from the growing ash pile of his reputation.

This morning’s first tweet was devoted to both ABC and NBC News polls:

Sunday night, his last thought was the ABC News poll, claiming,

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that “Nearly two-thirds of Americans give President Donald Trump poor or middling marks for his first 100 days in office, including a plurality who say he’s off to a “poor start.”

“By contrast,” we are told, “in the exact same question from April 2009 NBC/WSJ poll, 54 percent of Americans said that Barack Obama’s first 100 days had gotten off to either a good or great start, while 25 percent said they were fair, and 21 percent called them poor.”

It is easy to see why Trump isn’t happy, and why he would characterize this as “fake news.”

Trump is right in claiming that the ABC News/Washington Post poll shows “almost all stand by their vote” – the actual number is an almost incomprehensible 96 percent.

And yes, 53 percent say he’s a “strong leader.” This is surely the “very positive info” Trump speaks of, but what Trump does not say is that at this same point in time, 77 percent saw President Obama as a strong leader.

The rest is all downhill from there, and unless you’re Trump or Fox News it is impossible to pretend otherwise. His polling shows him to be the unpopular failure he is.

He owns that. And no twitter lies are going to change the fact Trump is the most unpopular president since 1945 as he approaches his hundredth day on April 29