Buckle Up: Maxine Waters Promises Russia Scandal “Only Going To Get Worse” For Trump

The cloud of scandal over the Trump administration grew darker on Tuesday with the news that Michael Flynn illegally withheld information about his connections to Russia – but Democratic Congressman Maxine Waters promises the scandal is “only going to get worse” for the president.

On MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, Waters said, “More and more information is coming out about the connections of the Trump allies and some people in his cabinet and their connections to Russia, and it’s only going to get worse.”


In epic fashion, Waters tore into the Trump administration’s shady dealings with Moscow, saying:

Michael Flynn asked for immunity because he knows he’s got problems. He did not disclose that he had taken money from Russia at the time that he was seeking a security clearance. He’s taken money from Turkey while he was I guess already being asked to serve on the NSA. And so we have some serious problems here with those who are in that Russian-Kremlin clan, as I call them, who are after making money and having Trump as president to have a good relationship with Putin and the Kremlin so that they can make money.  … You are talking about a president who said he was going to drain the swamp – he’s filling up the swamp with those who are lying with him. It’s all about money. Follow the dollar. 

Not only did Waters connect some of the many dots between Trump’s team and the Russians that helped put them in power, but she also underscored just how far-reaching this scandal is – and how it’s clearly not going away in the near term.

As the drip, drip of information continues to come out, with today’s Flynn revelation being the latest, Trump and his associates are still under investigation by the House and Senate, as well as the FBI. If there was no credibility to the allegations that there was at least some collusion between the president’s team and Moscow, it’s hard to believe it would be taking this long.

Just when Trump thought the Russia scandal was falling to the background, another bombshell revelation comes out. Buckle up, because it likely won’t be the last one before all is said and done.

As Maxine Waters said, it’s only going to get worse for the White House.