Donald Trump Claims ‘Fake Media’ is Lying About His Wall: ‘It Will Get Built’

Upset at media reports that he has flip-flopped on his wall, Donald Trump tweeted this morning that these are lies from the “fake media” and that he hasn’t changed his position on “the WALL,” as he calls it.

It has been reported that Trump is now content to wait until fall to get money for “the WALL,” leading to a tweet from Toronto Star fact-checker Daniel Dale mocking him as “The Closer.”

Trump felt the sting to his ego and this is his response:

The truth is that when Donald Trump says he hasn’t changed his position on “the WALL” that he is changed it. A LOT. And Dale was ready with the facts:

There you have it, as Dale says, in three tweets. To paraphrase Trump’s evolving position on “the WALL”:

“Mexico will pay for the wall, PERIOD. Well, maybe at a later date. In some form yet to be determined. But I have not changed my position!”

But hey, he has the virtue at least of being consistently inconsistent on “the WALL” Mexico may or may not pay for possibly at a later date to at least reimburse American taxpayers who will be paying for “the WALL” because Mexico refuses to pay for “the WALL.”