Jaws Drop As Trump Admits That He Is Not Reading The Executive Orders He Is Signing

While signing an executive order in the White House, President Donald Trump revealed his attitude towards reading the executive orders that he is signing, and it confirms reports that Trump is not reading what he is signing as president.


Transcript via The White House as provided to PoliticusUSA:

So I want to thank you very much. So do we have the executive order, please?

So this is promoting agriculture and rural prosperity in America. And, now, there’s a lot of words I won’t bother reading everything. But agriculture and rural prosperity in America, that’s what we want. And we don’t want to be taken advantage of by other countries — and that’s stopping, and that’s stopping fast. Okay, thank you.

Trump’s attitude of there are a lot of words here so I won’t read them follows a pattern that has been reported that this president doesn’t read and that he doesn’t read what is placed in front of him to sign.

The President Of The United States prefers to get his information from Fox News, and would rather not read anything because reading bores him.

Donald Trump isn’t reading the executive orders that he is signing, which means that he is not doing the minimum requirements of the job that he was elected to do. If one is looking for an answer for why Republicans are floundering even though they are in total control of the federal government, the answer is that Trump is providing them with zero direction and leadership.

A man who won’t read what he is signing shouldn’t be in charge of the country.