Numbers of Those with No Confidence in Trumpcare Up Double-Digits Since February

Donald Trump tweeted that when his healthcare plan is “approved” we will see “real” healthcare:

However, as MSNBC’s Morning Joe revealed this morning, Americans aren’t buying it.

Trump’s healthcare plan is not popular. It was not popular last time he pushed it and it’s gotten only more unpopular since as the numbers of those with “no confidence” in the plan have increased by double digits since February:

Trump says “If our healthcare plan is approved, you will see real healthcare,” but polling numbers like this mean Trumpcare will never be approved.

Republicans have watched their own approval rating plummet by double digits thanks to throwing in their lot with do-nothing liar Donald Trump and this can have only one result where healthcare reform is concerned.

So long as the American people don’t approve of it, Republicans in Congress won’t either. Their jobs are on the line, and they’re not about to take an early bow on account of Donald Trump.

Trumpcare is dead. Republicans will do everything they can to avoid investigating Donald Trump, but they won’t risk their neck for a healthcare plan nobody wants, especially when the plan Trump wants to replace is more popular now than the entire GOP, Trump included.