Trump Humiliated Again After Failed Trade Battle With Mexico Costs U.S. $163 Million

After Donald Trump promised the American people that, under his presidential leadership, the U.S. would win so much that it would become tiresome, the country is still waiting on Trump to win something, anything.

That won’t come tonight, though.

According to a Tuesday report from CNN, the president was just handed another humiliating defeat. The latest Trump loss will cost the U.S. $163 million a year in the form of sanctions imposed by the World Trade Organization.

More from CNN:

Mexico and the US have fought for years over tuna. The US insists that any Mexican tuna sold in the US must be “dolphin safe,” meaning dolphins weren’t killed by tuna fisherman, which was once common. Mexico says its fisherman play by the rules. The US government disagrees.


On Tuesday, the World Trade Organization ruled in Mexico’s favor, allowing it to impose trade sanctions worth $163 million a year against the US. The WTO says that’s how much money Mexico has lost from the US unfairly penalizing Mexican tuna.

That’s right: Trump just lost a trade battle with Mexico – over tuna fish.

Perhaps the loss wouldn’t be such a hilarious fail for the president if he didn’t spend a year and a half running around the country promising that, with him in the White House, the United States would no longer lose on anything, especially when it comes to trade.

He set up astronomical expectations, and he’s epically failing to meet them.

And now, just three months into his presidency, Trump is already experiencing his first major setback on the trade front – and it’ll cost us nearly $200 million.

While there are very few, if any, redeeming qualities about this administration, it’s a beautiful thing to watch the ridiculous rhetoric of his campaign catch up with the realities of, you know, actually running the country.