Democrats Turn Up The Heat And Demand Vote On Bill To Force Trump To Release His Tax Returns

House Oversight Democrats are demanding that the committee is allowed to vote on a bill that would require Trump and all future presidents to release their tax returns.

In a letter to Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, the Democrats wrote, “As Members of Congress, we have the ability and duty to legislate in order to promote government transparency, combat conflicts of interest, and ensure compliance with the Constitution. H.R. 305 has bipartisan support both on and off our Committee, and we believe Members should be allowed to vote on this bill.”

What makes their demand even more powerful is that four Republicans are also sponsoring the bill. Reps. Mark Sanford (SC), Justin Amash (MI), Ted Yoho (FL), and Walter Jones (NC) all have joined Democrats in the effort to pass legislation to force Trump to release his tax returns. The two Republican votes aren’t enough to get the bill out of committee, but there are many Republicans who would like to see Trump release his tax returns.

If Democrats win back the House in 2018, this bill will be passed.

The Democrats made their request on the same day that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that Trump has no intention of ever releasing his tax returns.

There is one way for the American people to find out what Trump is hiding in his tax returns, and that is to vote Democratic in 2018.