Trump Cut A Disastrous Deal On Health Care That Will Hand Congress Back To Democrats

The deal that Donald Trump cut with the House Freedom Caucus on health care is opposed by 71% of Americans. If Republicans force this bill through Congress, it will be setting Democrats up for a big win in 2018.

The terrible deal that the Trump White House made to get a legislative win is an amendment that allows states to opt-out of preexisting conditions protections, and minimum coverage requirements.

Here was the reaction of one moderate House Republican to the deal:

Trump’s deal that allows insurance companies to charge people with preexisting conditions higher premiums is unpopular to the point of being politically toxic.

The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll showed that Republicans are committing an act of political suicide if they support this bill, “Indeed, our poll finds that independents oppose the EHB provision, 67-28; and they oppose the preexisting conditions provision, 71-27.”

Those are the kinds of numbers that create wave elections that sweep incumbent parties out of power.

The great irony is that Obamacare opposition is what got Republicans control of the House in 2010, and their obsession with repealing it may hand the House back to Democrats in 2018.

If Republicans continue to allow Trump to use their Congressional majority to inflate his own ego, they will lose control of Congress. Donald Trump is not popular. His policies are not popular, and supporting Trump will only get a congressional Republican in a swing district voted out of office.