Trump Spent Just Five Minutes In Major Meeting About Stopping A Nuclear War With North Korea

For anyone in the country who still needs to be convinced that Donald Trump isn’t interested in carrying out the responsibilities of his office, today should do the trick.

In a rare, closed-door meeting with the entire U.S. Senate regarding the increasing threat posed by North Korea, the tough-talking commander-in-chief left after just five minutes.

According to one report from ABC News, Trump gave a few opening remarks before heading back to his office to presumably watch cable news and fire off some tweets.

More from ABC News:

The White House says President Donald Trump did not attend the entire meeting with senators who gathered to discuss the crisis in North Korea.


An administration official says Trump attended only the first five minutes of the meeting. He delivered opening remarks before handing it over to his national security team.


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, presided over the full meeting.


The official spoke anonymously because the details of the meeting have not been made public.


The meeting lasted about one hour and discussed various financial and military options available for pressuring North Korea to end its nuclear program.

In other words, Trump wanted to remind everybody in the room that he was, in fact, still the President of the United States, before ditching the meeting and letting the “grown ups” deal with the national security crisis.

Meanwhile, the prospect of nuclear war with North Korea increases by the hour as Trump continues to provoke the country through tough talk and empty military maneuvers in the region. In his latest power move, Trump sent the USS Michigan, a guided-missile submarine, to South Korea.

It remains to be seen if Trump and his team will be able to keep an eye on it, unlike the USS Carl Vinson, an aircraft carrier that the administration lost track of for five entire days after claiming it was on its way to the Korean peninsula.

While it’s a little stunning that the president thought the North Korea threat was only worth five minutes of his time, perhaps it isn’t such a bad thing that Trump didn’t stick around long enough to have any say in what the United States plans to do next.