Paul Ryan Just Admitted That He Doesn’t Have The Votes To Pass Trump’s Health Care Bill

When Paul Ryan was asked at his weekly press conference if the House would be voting on a health care bill before Trump’s first 100 days are up, the Speaker’s answer was an admission that he doesn’t have the votes to pass a health care bill.


Ryan was asked if the House was going to vote on health care by the president’s 100th day.

He answered, “We want to go when we’re ready to go. This has been a very organic bottom up process. It takes time to do that. We’re doing big things, and you know me, I talked about 200 days because I thought the kind of agenda we’re attempting to put together here overhauling health care, overhauling the tax system, rebuilding our military, securing the border. Those take more than just a few months. They take a long time, at least a year, so that’s why we’re working on the path to get it right, and not constrain it to some artificial deadline.”

Ryan’s answer was an admission that he doesn’t have the votes to pass Trump’s health care bill. If Republicans had the votes, they would be voting on the bill this week. The truth is that they don’t have the votes. They may never have the votes, and they may not get a health care bill through the House this year.

Speaker Ryan can talk about doing big things, but his words are just empty talk. The House has accomplished nothing, and if Republicans continue to spin their wheels and do nothing, the odds grow that by January 2019 we will be talking about the Democratic-controlled House working to make Trump a one term president.