Frustrated Dictator Trump Says ‘Archaic’ Constitution is a Bad Thing for the Country

Donald Trump doesn’t like the whole concept of government of, by and for the people, the idea that political power derives from the will of the people rather than gods or kings or priests or…dare we say, political strongmen, real and imagined.

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Per Fox News, Trump’s sole intelligence source and enthusiastic feedback loop:

Archaic means “old-fashioned” and “obsolete” and “out of date” and, perhaps wistfully here for would-be dictator Donald Trump, “no longer used.”

You know, because we have this whole thing about three co-equal branches of government and checks and balances that prevent the president from ruling like a king – or a Putinesque banana republican dictator.

It’s inefficient, he says. In other words, he’s frustrated that he can’t do anything he damn well pleases without appeal to all those pesky and inconvenient laws. He can’t try to rule by fiat without somebody saying “un-Constitutional!”

Joe Scarborough of MSBNC’s Morning Joe isn’t having any of this, tweeting,

Of course, Trump doesn’t want any of that, having to work with people and persuade them with intelligible arguments (foot-stomping tantrums don’t count). He wants people to just do what he says because he’s “kind of a smart guy” and he’s the only guy who can fix it. Just ask him. Why does he have to bother with all these lesser beings who just get in the way of his brilliance?

If Trump’s tears were just excuse-making it would be bad enough. Sure, he needs to explain why he hasn’t done anything in his first hundred days (cutting back on the golf game might seem an obvious solution) but the real problem here is that Donald Trump honestly thinks his word should be law.

Even though it is the word of a guy who hasn’t made the slightest attempt to learn a single thing while he’s been in office and leaves it at every opportunity to play.

His executive orders and his reaction to judicial oversight as mandated by the United States Constitution verifies his dictatorial leanings. Judges are unelected, he says. What right do they have to “set policy” – in reality, of course, to question his judgment?

Trump is used to ruling like a king in the corporate world. A government isn’t like that, outside a monarchy or a dictatorship. Trump thinks it’s inefficient. What it is is safe. It protects us from people like, well…Donald Trump.

The Constitution was set forth to protect us from dictators and kings. And as Trump’s frustrated and whiny rants have shown, it is a protection we very badly need.

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