White Supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos Announces New Media Company to War Against Facts

Having been forced to resign from Breitbart for promoting pedophilia, self-styled “alt-right” provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos says he has $12 million in funding to establish a new media company opposed to the propagation of factual news. You know, because it’s politically correct.

According to his Facebook post,

MILO has formed a new media company with $12 million in funding from undisclosed investors. He has hired a seasoned media executive to lead the new 30-person team based in Miami, Florida.
The new company, MILO, Inc., will manage MILO’s books, tours, merchandise and radio and TV opportunities.

“This isn’t some vanity nameplate on a personal blog. This is a fully tooled-up talent factory and management company dedicated to the destruction of political correctness and the progressive left.

“I will spend every waking moment of the rest of my life making the lives of journalists, professors, politicians, feminists, Black Lives Matter activists and other professional victims a living hell.

“Free speech is back — and it is fabulous.”

Free speech, in fact, has never left, so it can hardly come “back.”

The problem has been that conservatives like Yiannopoulos think they are the only ones allowed to speak freely. Any opinion – or more importantly, any fact – raised in objection is instantly denounced as “politically correct” and therefore invalid.

There is also a great deal of hypocrisy involved. For example, Nazis like Yiannopolous like to refer to themselves not as Nazis but as “alt-right.” The problem is that “alt-right” is a politically correct term to disguise the fact that Nazis are, in fact, Nazis.

And for a guy who claims to champion free speech and opposes political correctness, Yiannopoulos really hated it when people called his support for pedophilia exactly what it was. No doubt he’s still sore about losing that lucrative book deal as a result.

It is hardly surprising that Yiannopoulos found somebody to give him $12 million to wage war on facts. There are plenty of rich white men who hate facts and one of them sits in the White House surrounded by other rich white men who hate facts.

Dishonesty in support of white privilege is hardly in short supply right now on the political right in general or in the White House in particular. It is unlikely we will see anything new from Yiannopoulos despite his pledge to “fight harder and look hotter than anyone else on the political right.”

While Yiannopoulos sees himself as the “vanguard of the culture war on American campuses,” what he objects to is anybody holding an opposing view. While claiming he has the right to be as offensive as he wants, he believes nobody has a right to be offended, or to respond to his provocations.