Reince Priebus Just Told A Gigantic Lie That Shows Trump’s Tax Plan Is Doomed

The size and depth of the lie that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told about Trump’s tax plan on ABC’s This Week revealed that the White House knows that Trump’s tax plan is likely doomed to fail.


On ABC’s This Week, Trump’s Chief of Staff said, “But if you look where this tax plan is going, while the top rate is lowered to 35 percent, there’s also a lot of deductions that have been taken off the table. So a person like Donald Trump or a person like our — some of our folks that — Steve Mnuchin and others, they are not going to see much of a reduction in their taxes because a lot of the deductions — a lot of the deductions that they enjoy are taken away. And so quite frankly, it’s not a tax increase for people at the top. It’s actually a massive tax deduction and what the president cares most about is the middle class. This is a targeted tax deduction for the middle class.”

Priebus was lying. The Trump tax plan gives a 14.1% tax cut to those at the top. For families in the middle class, their tax cut is 1.5 %. The Trump tax plan would also raise taxes for 26 million Americans who are part of working single parent households by eliminating deductions that are used by these families to lower their tax burdens. Larger middle-class families with more children would also see their taxes go up because they would lose several key deductions.

The Trump tax plan is targeted to people at the top. The richest 1% of earners will get 51% of the benefits in Trump’s tax plan. The White House is going to try to get this tax plan passed by lying about what it really does. It is like the Trump White House thinks that the entire country is just like Trump. They don’t read, and they will believe anything that they are told.

Trump’s tax plan is doomed. Congress is already over which deductions will be kept and gotten rid of. No one buys that this tax plan is designed for the middle class, and if this is the line that the White House is going to use to sell his plan, Trump better start preparing himself for another legislative defeat.