Trump Has Now Spent A Full 20% Of His Presidency Playing Golf

Donald Trump has complained that the presidency is hard and that he misses his old life. Perhaps this is why he has spent 20% of his time in office playing golf instead of doing the job that he was elected to do.

According to The White House Press Pool, Trump had two phone calls with foreign leaders beginning at 10 AM on Sunday morning, and by 10:59 AM, Trump was on the road to one of his golf courses in Virginia, where he spent the day golfing.

As Jason Kander noted:

Donald Trump isn’t keeping the schedule of a president. He is acting like a retiree who has been forced to move into a gated community that he doesn’t like, so he spends 6 hours a day watching television, and weekends on the golf course.

Trump doesn’t read. He gets his information mostly from cable news, and most prominent presidential activity has been golfing. Trump isn’t a president. He’s a retiree who is crashing in the White House for a while.