Sean Hannity Could Be History After Fox News Fires Network Co-President Bill Shine

Another brick in the Fox News wall of scandal came tumbling down on Monday, as network co-president Bill Shine was fired. Shine was Roger Ailes’s right-hand man and Sean Hannity’s former producer.

Gabriel Sherman tweeted the news:

The ramifications of Shine’s dismissal are huge for Fox. Shine was part of the problem that Roger Ailes left behind. He was also Sean Hannity’s former executive producer and was involved in the accusations of sexual harassment against Hannity.

Being that Fox News has the market cornered on conservative cable news viewers, they will be able to coast for a bit, but the reality is that the sexual harassment scandal is slowly destroying the network. The Fox News that was a dominant ratings machine is collapsing.

The more immediate question is whether or not this will signal the end for Sean Hannity at Fox News? If the sexual harassment allegations are true, it is only a matter of time until the last remaining primetime host from 2016 is out.