While Trump Has Cake, Chuck Schumer Reminds Us Democrats Stand Up for Those in Need

Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York released a statement today to mark May Day. Citing Donald Trump’s attacks on immigrants and minorities, Schumer stressed “America’s promise to be a shining light and beacon of hope for those in need.”

Sen. Schumer’s statement in full:

“From my house in Brooklyn I can see the Statue of Liberty, and it reminds me every day of America’s promise to be a shining light and beacon of hope for those in need. Just like my ancestors, millions of immigrant families came to the United States looking for a better life for their loved ones. Today, those immigrant families and workers are being targeted and attacked in unprecedented ways.

“This first day of May, communities throughout the country are joining together to fight back against President Trump’s and Republicans’ attacks on immigrants, workers, Muslims and many more. Senate Democrats stood strong against President Trump’s deportation force, border wall, unconstitutional executive orders, and de-funding sanctuary cities, and we will keep working to protect immigrant rights and maintain an inclusive, diverse, and strong America that welcomes hardworking immigrants and recognizes their contributions to our nation.”

In contrast, we have already seen how Donald Trump has celebrated the day, eating cake with his rich friends in honor of imaginary accomplishments that will only lead to the deaths and untold suffering of many Americans if he has his way.

It is important to remember America’s long role as a sanctuary for those seeking a better life as Donald Trump shows a continuing disregard not only for the immigrants who have long made America prosperous but for the Constitution that established this nation.

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