Trump Launches His First 2020 Campaign Ad And Then Promptly Falls Flat On His Face

Donald Trump was forced to pull his first ad for his 2020 reelection because it violated a ban on active duty military members participating in political advocacy while wearing their uniform.
The Washington Post reported, “The initial version of the ad released by the campaign included a shot of Trump shaking hands at his Mar-a-Lago estate with H.R. McMaster, his national security adviser. An updated version dropped the shot of McMaster, who remains an active duty member of the Army, and replaced it with Trump visiting a business.”

An active duty member is banned from engaging in political advocacy while wearing their uniform.

As campaign law expert Larry Noble noted:

Trump filed for reelection on Inauguration Day. The White House appears to be completely clueless about governing, so they have been in perpetual campaign mode, but as the sloppiness of their first ad indicates, they aren’t very good at that either.

The Trump administration does not pay attention to detail, which is why things like having to pull your first campaign ad and re-edit it happen to them. Trump can’t even launch a campaign ad without violating rules and laws.

The White House is being run by a team of corrupt incompetents who don’t care about details, laws, and rules.

No matter what Trump touches, the one consistent result is failure.