Trump is Making a Commercial About All the Stuff He Pretended to Do For 100 Days

After promising a fabulous 100 Days and then complaining about being held to a standard of 100 Days, Donald Trump’s campaign (I’m sorry, I can’t in good conscience call it an administration) has decided to release a TV commercial bragging about his fabulous 100 Days:

Notice the emphasis on his “clear vision” and “resolute leadership,” not to mention – and very bigly I might add – his “uncompromising dedication to the American people” as he robs them of their access to healthcare, turns the oceans over to oil companies and takes away their National Parks and monuments for some more drilling and mining.

He loves us! He even did away with science for us! No more pesky facts to get in the way of our wishful thinking. And his profits.

Notice what else he’s done for us: “fighting back against continued media bias.”

Well, what president before has ever done that for the American people? Truly a historical 100 Days in office we can all be proud of, right?

Yeah, not so much. Donald Trump doesn’t have a presidency. He has a perpetual campaign, holding rallies when he’s not golfing and then popping into the office once in a while to sign a few executive orders.

All because he doesn’t want to take the time to actually work at anything, you know, like hammering out agreements on legislation and agendas and, well, policies. About anything.

And all the while letting his profits direct America’s foreign policy (when the Pentagon is not), or Ivanka’s getting upset about something on TV (when he’s not getting upset about something on TV).

Or shooting a few missiles he doesn’t need to shoot because he’s heavily invested in missile futures.

It’s just too much hard work to be president so Donald Trump would prefer to be cheered by his devoted base and talk about being president than actually be president.