Trump Just Made Sure That Republicans Will Never Be Able To Kill Obamacare

Trump just came up with a new demand that will make it impossible for Republicans ever to pass a bill that would repeal Obamacare.

Bloomberg News reported that Trump said, “I want it to be good for sick people. It’s not in its final form right now, It will be every bit as good on pre-existing conditions as Obamacare.”

The problem is that any plan that is as good as Obamacare on pre-existing conditions is something that the conservative House Republicans in the Freedom Caucus will never vote for. The only bill that the Freedom Caucus will support is one that weakens coverage for pre-existing conditions.

By putting this new mandate on his health care bill, Trump has just guaranteed that Republicans will never have the votes to kill Obamacare. High-risk pools are not going to be as good at covering people with pre-existing conditions as the Affordable Care Act.

The problem that Republicans are facing is that Trump changes his whims on the health care bill based on what is politically popular at the drop of a hat.

House Republicans are unable to agree on a bill. They could use some presidential leadership, but all they are getting from this White House is a series of contradictory directives that can’t pass.

If Trump wants a plan that is as good for sick people as Obamacare, he’s already got it. It’s called the Affordable Care Act.

On the same day that Trumpcare died for the second time, Donald Trump just made it impossible for Republicans to kill Obamacare.