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Democratic Senator Kindly Reminds Trump That The U.S. Government Has Checks And Balances

After Donald Trump started his day lashing out on Twitter and calling for a government shutdown, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut reminded the childish president that the United States government has checks and balances.

Essentially, Murphy said that Trump should stop whining about not getting his way and start learning how to run the government.


In just 10 seconds, Murphy reminded Trump what form of government the United States has and blamed the president for being unable to get anything done, even with complete Republican control of Congress.

“[Trump is] finding that there are some pretty routine checks and balances that are put in the way of his agenda,” the Democrat said. “It’s not arcane rules. It’s the fact that he just can’t get even his own party to agree with him.”

Over the course of Trump’s first few months in office, the new president has failed on a wide range of campaign-season goals, from enacting a Muslim ban (struck down in court) to securing funding for his wasteful border wall (opposed by even border state Republicans) to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (unable to get through the GOP-controlled Congress).

This isn’t a situation in which one political party controlling Congress is grinding the government to a halt to stop the opposing party in the White House. Republicans are in complete control – and the GOP president still can’t accomplish anything.

In other words, the problem isn’t the American system of government that has been around since our country’s founding – it’s Donald Trump.

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