Elizabeth Warren Takes Trump To School On His Ignorant Proposal To Shut Down The Government


Elizabeth Warren took Donald Trump to school on Tuesday hours after the president threw his support behind a government shutdown.

Warren called Trump’s shutdown comment “staggeringly irresponsible” and explained to the ignoramus-in-chief that this isn’t a political reality show – failing to keep the government’s lights on would have real, damaging consequences.



First, Warren explained the financial and economic downsides to allowing the government to shut down.

“When the government is shut down, it costs this country literally billions, even trillions, of dollars,” she said. “We miss out on all kinds of contracts, we shut things down that mean that tourists can’t come – it’s everywhere. It’s staggeringly irresponsible to say, ‘Let’s just shut down the government.'”

Warren rightly said that Trump’s casual support for letting the government shut down is another example that he doesn’t care about the responsibilities he has to the country or to the people who voted for him last year.

“Donald Trump just seems to helicopter in from who knows where and come up with ideas that are not just bad ideas,” she said. “They’re ideas that are damaging to working families that he once promised he was going to make the government run for.”

It’s abundantly clear that Trump has no interest in governing the country or competently carrying out the responsibilities that come with being president. Instead, he has spent his first 100+ days in the White House throwing Twitter tantrums and turning the presidency into a political version of Celebrity Apprentice.

A potential government shutdown would have negative ramifications across the board, but it’s even scarier that this president has no idea – or no concern about – what those ramifications are.