Chuck Todd Nearly Laughs In Trump’s Face After He Promises Middle East Peace

Check out the reaction of MSNBC’s Chuck Todd To Trump’s promise that he will easily bring peace to the Middle East. Todd is nearly laughing out loud over how easy Trump makes peace in the Middle East sound


After playing a clip of Trump boasting about his negotiating skills and how he will bring peace to the Middle East, Chuck Todd said, “He’s talking about solving a problem that has eluded every president in the modern era, nevermind any emperor of the previous eras.”

Washington has stopped taking Trump’s promises and boasts seriously because the action never follows the words. Trump is no longer living in the fantasy world of reality TV or his real estate business. Trump is Washington where he has to prove that he can get something done and that his words mean something.

Everyday Trump goes in front of television cameras and makes more crazy promises and empty boasts, but he lacks the knowledge, leadership, and capacity to govern that could turn those words into policy.

Trump has damaged and diminished the office of the presidency to the point where he is being ignored.

Imagine Trump watching his television, and seeing Chuck Todd trying not to laugh at his promise of Middle East peace. Trump has become a joke even to the serious people who spend their days covering him.