Catholics Call On Senators To Stop The Immoral Republican Health Care Bill

The group Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) is calling on US Senators to stand up and stop the House Republican health care bill, which they described as unwanted and immoral.

CAGC Executive Director Christopher Hale said in a statement:
We watched today from the gallery as Members of Congress pumped themselves up to Rocky entering the chambers. They cheered and high fived. They had carts of booze and liquor rolled in.

And then they walked on the floor of the United States Congress and voted for the AHCA—a bill that will take away health care from 24 million Americans and allow insurance companies to discriminate against those who are fighting cancer, leukemia, and diabetes.

The American people didn’t want this. The American people deserve better.

We call on the Senate to stop this immoral bill and to heed the words of Pope Francis: “health care is a right—not a privilege.”

House Republicans were celebrating voting for a bill that would harm hundreds of millions (at least 154 million) Americans who would either lose their health care or face the potential loss of their coverage due to having a pre-existing condition.

The behavior of House Republicans was almost as despicable as their vote for a bill that was as close to a legislative act of evil as America has ever seen. The pressure is now on the Senate to right this moral wrong and kill the health care bill.

No one outside of the wealthy and Republican ideologues wants this bill to become law. The country’s moral conscience is calling out for the Senate to do the right thing, and if they don’t, Americans will have to elect a new group of Senators who will.