House Republicans Just Embarrassed Themselves By Getting Their Own Health Care Bill Wrong

House Republicans embarrassed themselves at a whole new level, as hours before a critical vote, they misspelled the name of their own health care bill.

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The House Republicans tweeted:

Apparently, House Republicans are trying to pass the American Care Health Act (ACHT). The actual legislation is titled the American Health Care Act (AHCA). You might be thinking to yourself, ‘well, it’s just a typo.’ The problem is that their mistake represents how rushed and half-assed this process has been. There has been no legislative markup for this bill. No time for public review of this legislation, and there is no CBO score.

Republicans are doing everything with this legislation that they falsely claimed that Democrats did while passing the Affordable Care Act.

House Republicans can’t even tweet the name of their legislation that will change the entire health care system correctly, and they are expecting the American people to trust them with something as life and death as health insurance.

If the Republican House majority were to be summarized by single defining moment, it would be the inability to spell the name of their own health care bill correctly.

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