Alyssa Milano Lays Waste to the Old White Men Making Decisions About Her Vagina

It has often been remarked that Republican lawmakers who make decisions regarding every woman’s reproductive system are inevitably old, white, and male.

For example, the House Freedom Caucus that was intent on removing the requirement that insurance companies offer maternity care while making rape a preexisting condition.

Look in vain for a woman in this crowd making decisions on women’s reproductive rights:

It has never been done, however, with such aplomb as that of actress/activist Alyssa Milano, who tweeted,

Republicans are intent on controlling women’s sexuality. This is an ancient battle and patriarchy’s current crowd of old white men are not willing to surrender so easily to newfangled ideas about equality and treating women like more than breeding stock.

There is more than a little irony in HHS Secretary Tom Price’s claim yesterday that “Patients and families and doctors ought to be making medical decisions, not Washington, DC” when it was Washington, DC that just made those decisions for 24 million of those patients and families.

Women’s control of their own vaginas is a threat to old white men because if women can decide what to do with their own, where are old white men going to get access to one?

Women can’t be allowed to simply offer theirs to whoever they wish without male guidance, let alone decide on a course of action after a man decides to place his seed inside.

The shocking thing is generally the complete lack of response from media types when showing photos of film of these Republican cabals. I don’t know if that speaks worse of the media or of a society so inured to this sort of thing that it hardly earns a response anymore.

Things have to change. We are past the point where old white men can celebrate stealing from women, children, and minorities without a level of public condemnation and outrage that should send them fleeing in shame rather than celebrating on stage.

Photo: Twitter