Another Bigoted Trump Nomination Crashes And Burns As Mark Green Withdraws As Army Nominee

Trump’s nominee to be the Secretary of the Army, Mark Green, has withdrawn his name from consideration after his public comments stressing his belief that being transgender is a mental disorder surfaced in the media.

Here is Green’s statement on the withdrawal of his nomination:

Here is what Green said to the Chattanooga Tea Party in September, “If you poll the psychiatrists, they’re going to tell you that transgender is a disease. It is a part of the DSM-6, I think it is, the book of diagnostic psychological procedures or diagnoses. It’s very interesting to see what’s happening in government, or in our nation. But you ask about how we fix it ― how we get the toothpaste back in the tube. I gotta tell you ― it’s going to start with me being the salt and the light to the people around me. I mean, if you really want to bring this back to who’s at fault, we got to look a little bit inwardly. We’ve tolerated immorality. And we’re reflecting light.”

Video of Green’s comments:

Since when is being directly quoted from a public appearance that was taped a false and misleading attack? When Green said that he thinks being transgender is a disease, that is exactly what he meant. A report that Mark Green said being transgender is a disease is not a mischaracterization. It’s a fact.

Trump tried to appoint someone to lead the Army who hates gay people and thinks that transgender people are suffering from a psychological disease. Green’s nomination is what Donald Trump means by making America great again. The President wants bigots and racists in charge of the military and the government.

The good thing is that even with Republicans in charge of Congress, Trump’s bigoted staffing strategy is failing.

The vast majority in this country rejects Trump’s bigotry, and his dream of forming a Team of Bigots has been dealt a fresh defeat.

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