It’s Official: Donald Trump Has Gone Golfing for the 21st Time Since Taking Office

Greg Sargent suggests “The next person who is fortunate enough to interview Trump might consider asking: What’s in GOP health care bill? Can you describe it?”

Great questions. But whoever it is, they will have to track him down at the golf course to do so. Donald Trump has gone golfing. AGAIN.

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin tweeted the news from the White House pool:

He arrived at 11:07 pm. didn’t even wait for the weekend to take more time off from governing the nation. It must have been exhausting work not bothering to read the tax-break posing as a repeal and replace of Obamacare.

Who knew endless dishonesty could be so exhausting? It’s a wonder if, after patting himself on the back so vigorously, Trump could find the energy to swing a golf club.

Of course, Trump does not always play golf. He sometimes just spends time at his golf courses.

However, even then his hypocrisy rings out with PolitiFact’s Trump Golf Tracker showing as of April 29, 15 instances of Trump golfing to 1 for President Obama in the same time period.

At that point, Trump had spent a full 20% of his presidency playing golf rather than being president of the United States, the job he was elected to do.

Trump’s behavior is hardly a ringing endorsement of either what he promised or what he has delivered, but then Donald Trump seems immune to charges of hypocrisy and dishonesty as he is to reality itself.

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