A Republican Congressman Just Outed Trump For Not Knowing What’s In Trumpcare

When Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) was asked if the president knew what was in his own health care, Sanford gave an answer that suggested that Trump has no idea what is included in Trumpcare.


Rep. Sanford was asked by MSNBC’s Craig Melvin, “Do you get the sense that President Trump knows precisely what’s in this bill?”

Sanford answered with a smile, “I wouldn’t presume to speak for President Trump.”

Melvin, “It sounds like you’ve answered the question.”

This isn’t the first time this week that it has been reported that Trump doesn’t know what’s in his own health care bill. Axios reported, “During a recent phone conversation about the evolving health-reform bill, President Trump asked a simplistic but apparently sincere question: “Is what we are going to do going to take care of people?”What I told people is: We’ll take care of people. No deep dive on the detail. But Trump, the salesman, wanted reassurance selling a big, complicated product he doesn’t fully understand.”

Trump doesn’t even understand health care reform., but he is messing with one-sixth of the US economy. There is a great deal of division and malevolence in Trump’s politics, but there is also something else that is even more vital to the direction of the country.

President Trump is ignorant and uninformed, and he has no desire to learn about the issues and govern.

The biggest danger for the country is that as president will be signing off on actions that he doesn’t understand. Trump doesn’t know what’s in his own health care bill, but he is out there selling it as something good for the American people.

Trump is a proven liar, but it always easier for a liar to lie when they have no idea what the facts are.