Trump Says AHCA Phase 2 Will Be ‘Great’ But it Won’t Unless it Eliminates Phase 1

No day can begin without a string of lies from the Twitter account of Donald J. Trump, so he got on to celebrate the first legislative victory of his ongoing presidential campaign:

Let’s put that “great” in the air quotes for which Donald Trump is so famous. Folks who watch Fox News are being told “everybody gets healthcare” but that’s a lie too. After all, any healthcare is better than no healthcare, which is really what Trump is promising.

Obviously, then, we will not have truly great healthcare unless phase 2 eliminates phase 1, which deprives 24 million people of access to affordable healthcare and sentences people with preexisting conditions to death.

Trump said, “Make no mistake, this is a repeal and a replace of Obamacare.” But it’s not. This is all about stripping us of medical care so he and the rest of the 1 percent can put more money in their offshore accounts.

Check out what loss of your health and possibly your life is worth to the filthy rich:

Phase 2, whatever it is, isn’t going to change that. And it isn’t as if Trump even knows what’s in the healthcare bill he’s touting. He didn’t yesterday and he doesn’t today and he’s no more likely to read it than all the so-called “moderate” Republicans who voted for it.