Trump Claims He is Saving Us Money By Going Golfing This Weekend

Trump’s lie that Trumpcare is great healthcare rather than a tax break fro the rich wasn’t his only lie of the day. Because the liar-in-chief went on another golf outing last night, he had to add some early morning justification for his failure to report for duty in the White House:

If Trump meant he is doing us all a favor by not doing his job, then he’s on to something because nobody seriously believes he’s working from his home in N.J. and if he’s not working he can’t hurt any of us.

The truth is, he doesn’t want to go anywhere near New York City, a city that hates him with a purple passion, protesters lining the streets and waiting outside Trump Tower to welcome him home.

And he is far from saving the taxpayers money with these repeated golf outings just because he owns the golf course. In fact, the opposite is true.

The American people own the White House. Perhaps it doesn’t have a golden toilet, but it’s where he is supposed to be right now. At least pretending to be president.

He would save us money if he’d stay in the officially designated residence of the President of the United States but it lacks a golf course.

In a sad and more than slightly pathetic way, it is probably fitting that he won’t, because Donald J. Trump is not really the president, after all.

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