Paul Ryan And His Office Get Busted For A Massive Lie About Trumpcare

Speaker Paul Ryan’s Press Secretary AsheLee Strong tweeted a pack of lies on Trumpcare today:

This is an interesting claim, and it’s news Snopes, “the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation,” whose managing editor Brooke Binkowski tweeted back at Strong:

In fact, there is a CBO score for the old version of Trumpcare dated March 13 (here). In response to her critics, Strong claimed a March 23 CBO score (here) justified her claim but these still did not address the version of AHCA that was voted on by the House on May 4.

FACT: There is no CBO score for the bill that was voted on and passed by the House on May 4.

Just as obviously, there were no hearings on the version finally presented for a vote.

Strong’s claims provoked outrage on Twitter. Snopes wasn’t the only one to call out the obvious lie. The best and most repeated response, on account of it being both direct and true, was provided by Elliott Lusztig:

VERDICT: AshLee Strong did what her boss does and she lied. She lied huge. Bigly even.

When AshLee Strong claims the “AHCA was posted online a month ago” and “scored by CBO — twice” she lies. The version voted on didn’t exist a month ago and was never scored.

In fact, Strong’s lies are so obvious and glaring it is a surprise she would even bother tweeting them.