Trump Thinks It’s Racist To Give Federal Funding To Historically Black College and Universities

As president, Trump is turning his racist campaign rhetoric into policy beliefs that will harm women and minorities.

In his statement on the government funding bill, Trump’s White House wrote, “My Administration shall treat provisions that allocate benefits on the basis of race, ethnicity, and gender (e.g., Division B, under the heading “Minority Business Development”; Division C, sections 8016, 8021, 8038, and 8042; Division H, under the headings “Departmental Management Salaries and Expenses,” “School Improvement Programs,” and “Historically Black College and University Capital Financing Program Account”; Division K, under the heading “Native American Housing Block Grants”; and Division K, section 213) in a manner consistent with the requirement to afford equal protection of the laws under the Due Process Clause of the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment.”

The statement is troublesome because it indicates that the Trump administration is planning on coming after funding for programs that primarily benefit women and minorities.

The Trump White House is all about taking away opportunities from people who aren’t wealthy white men like Donald Trump. Trump’s American Dream has two classes, rich and everyone else, and everyone else is not going to have the opportunity needed to get rich.

Bigotry and racism are guiding principles for this White House, and it is why for the majority of Americans Donald Trump will never be their president.