Democrats Vow To Come After Every Republican Held House Seat In 2018

With fundraising and the number of potential candidates skyrocketing, House Democrats are vowing that no Republican seat is off the table as a fired up Democrats are preparing to cast a wide net in a nationwide 2018 challenge to Trump and the GOP.

The New York Times reported:
Democrats are recruiting challengers aggressively, even in conservative-leaning districts, importuning an eclectic group of could-be candidates that includes a Minnesota gelato baron, a former candidate for governor of Kansas and the mayor of Syracuse.

“No district is off the table,” said Representative Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico, the House Democratic campaign chairman, who vowed that Democrats would cast the widest possible net.

Democrats view winning back the House as their fastest path back to power and stopping the Trump agenda. What is encouraging for supporters of the party is that they are embracing a what many of their supporters have long desired. They are leaving no stone unturned in the quest to pick up the 24 seats that they need to retake the House.

The new strategy can be seen in candidate recruitment. Democrats are looking for good candidates to run in conservative districts. Those candidates may not be progressives or liberals, but they are the best choices the people of those districts. House Democrats aren’t conceding any seats to Trump and his party.

The Democrats are going to make Republicans wear their unpopular president health care vote in every district in the country. Not all Republican-held seats will be open to the Democratic message, but by fighting in more districts, Democrats have better odds of winning back the House than if they place all of their eggs in a few baskets.

Democrats are on the attack, and it is the Republican Party that is on the defensive.

No more rope a dope. No more counterpunching. Democrats are coming to win back the House.