A Desperate Trump Lashes Out As Sally Yates Prepares to Testify

As former acting attorney general Sally Yates prepares to testify, Donald Trump lashed out this morning via his customary outlet, Twitter, to attack both the Obama administration and Sally Yates herself.

In his first tweet, Trump went after the Obama administration, attempting to shift blame for the hiring of Michael Flynn off himself and onto his predecessor:

Oh, dear, things seem to have gotten too deep for Trump almost immediately, as national security expert and former NSA analyst John Schindler quickly pointed out:

Schindler further dismantled Trump’s absurd attempt at blame-shifting by a simple appeal to logic and fact:

Trump’s second tweet was directed at Sally Yates:

Again, Schindler quickly pointed to the fly in Trump’s buttermilk (a mistake Trump has since quietly corrected to “counsel”):

Schindler followed that up with a stinging condemnation of Trump’s continued dishonesty and where it’s going to get him (hint: not a good place):

Donald Trump has good reason to be frightened and good reason to want to shift blame for his hiring of Kremlin mole Michael Flynn onto Obama, who fired the guy and to discredit Sally Yates, who has the proverbial “goods” on Donald Trump.

John Schindler called it: Trump is a complete moron and he has only himself to blame for the fix in which he finds himself.

His desperate and increasingly pathetic attempts to blame everybody himself for everything he did wrong will stand out in historical accounts of his dizzying fall from the heights vaulting ambition.