Malcolm Nance Says Entire Trump White House Should Undergo Polygraph Tests Over Russia Scandal

Counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance was not mincing words on Monday when it comes to the never-ending scandal connecting the Trump White House to Russia.

On MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, Nance expressed his outrage over the administration’s handling of Michael Flynn’s connections to Russia, calling this a “hair-on-fire intelligence breach” and proposing everybody in the White House be subject to a polygraph test in order to get to the bottom of the scandal.


Nance said:

This is a hair-on-fire intelligence breach no matter how you look at it. I’ve been in situations where people, when I was in the NSA, a person on the same floor as my entire operation, everyone got re-polygraphed. Everyone was considered an accomplice in this. The White House should be going through a full lifestyle polygraph to determine was Michael Flynn just an individual liar or did he have accomplices? … The White House counsel himself should have said, “We have to assume a national security breach, we have to assume everyone associated with this is part of this operation if it’s an operation, and we need to reclear everybody.”

Nance’s comments come hours after Sally Yates testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, telling the panel that she warned the Trump White House that Flynn was “compromised with respect to the Russians.”

Not only did the White House not seem to care, but they kept Flynn in his powerful position for weeks longer, even letting him sit in on a phone call between Trump and Vladimir Putin – all suggesting that the administration was either okay with Flynn’s links to Russia or they were in on it.

All of this only raises more questions about the administration’s connections to Russia.

As Nance noted on Monday, it’s time to start assuming everyone associated with Flynn, including the president, is part of the operation until we see evidence to the contrary.