Sally Yates Testifies That The Russians Have Their Own Transcripts And Can Blackmail Trump


During her hearing on Monday, Sally Yates explained that she was concerned because it was clear that the man Donald Trump had chosen to be his National Security Adviser, General Mike Flynn, was compromised by the Russians.

Malcolm Nance explained, “(T)he Russians have their own transcript of Flynn call and can blackmail the White House if they lie.”

This is no small thing, as Nance said, “Yates says the more the ‘explanation’ Flynn gave was increasing series of lies that would create ‘even more compromise.’ Wow.”


Yates pointed out the very obvious, that you don’t want your NSA to be compromised by Russia.

Nance made note that Ex Defense Intelligence Agency Director James Clapper confirmed that British intelligence warned about the Russian activity about USA voter rolls in late 2015:

The Yates hearing is continuing but thus far Republicans have tried to spin their questions in the case of Senator Lindsey Graham and in the case of Senator Chuck Grassley, only focusing on how they feel Trump was victimized by leaks about his possible collusion with Russia.

Meanwhile we have a president who won an election with the help of the hostile actions of the foreign government of Russia and an entire team of people with problematic contact with Russia, who chose a person he knew was compromised by the Russians to be his National Security Adviser.

The Trump White House could have been blackmailed by the Russians due to Flynn, who was allowed to continue making the highest level of decisions for our government.