Trump Is Freaking Out And Accusing Sally Yates Of Leaking Classified Information


Things are getting desperate up in the Trump White House, as the President’s official Twitter account has just accused Sally Yates of leaking classified information.

President Trump’s official Twitter account tweeted:


PoliticusUSA reported on Sunday night that this was exactly what the White House was planning on doing. The Trump White House is trying to destroy the credibility of a damaging witness before she testifies.

This tweet comes on the heels of it being revealed that President Obama warned Trump not to hire Mike Flynn. The White House is scared, and they are launching baseless accusations at a witness because the Yates testimony is going to be a big problem for Donald Trump.

If Trump has evidence that Yates leaked classified information, let’s see it. Otherwise, the press must treat these statements from the White House as the protests of a guilty party that is failing around wildly to change the subject.