Trump Throws Twitter Tantrum After Sally Yates Humiliates Republicans At Senate Hearing

For those wondering whether the unhinged commander-in-chief could keep his cool after former acting Attorney General Sally Yates humiliated Republicans in today’s Senate hearing, Donald Trump’s Twitter feed over the past several hours should clear things up.

In a series of tweets fired off a short time ago, the president lashed out at Sally Yates and the so-called “fake media,” clearly showing his disappointment over Yates’s solid performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Yates’s unflappable testimony on Monday made the Trump administration – and the Republicans on the committee who tried to provide political cover for the president – look like fools.

Not only did Yates best the White House and its GOP allies on the facts, particularly when it comes to Trump ignoring her and President Obama’s concerns that Flynn was compromised and susceptible to Russian blackmail, but she also destroyed them on the optics, which may be even more important to the former reality TV host.

Yates did her job and warned the administration about Flynn’s clear ties to Russia. The president and his team apparently had no problem with those ties since they let him remain in a powerful position after being informed about them.

As more information on this scandal continues to come out and the investigation into Flynn’s – and the entire administration’s – ties to Russia continues to go on, Trump is becoming increasingly desperate to muddy the waters and change the subject.

Monday’s Twitter tantrum is just the latest evidence of that.

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