Elizabeth Warren Laughs At Trump’s Claim That Comey Was Fired Because Of Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is hoping to convince the country that he fired FBI Director James Comey because of how he handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation, but he isn’t fooling Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who laughed off the claim on Tuesday.

On MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, Warren said that “nobody in America” believes such a ridiculous claim.


Warren said:

Comey was not fired because of Hillary. Comey was fired because of the Russians. The timing makes this, I think, entirely clear. The fact that all during the campaign, Donald Trump kept citing Comey and using Comey. Once he was elected, he embraced Comey. And now to turn around months later and say, “Oh yeah, that was just terrible.” Nah, come on. There’s nobody left in America who believes that Donald Trump fired James Comey … because James Comey was mean to Hillary Clinton.

As Warren said, nobody in America is buying what Trump is trying to sell us when it comes to his reasoning behind this firing.

For months during the campaign, Trump praised Comey, specifically when it comes to his work hyping up the Hillary Clinton email non-scandal and helping turn a close election in the president’s favor.

Now, after the director revealed that Trump’s campaign is under FBI investigation for possible collusion with the Russians, Trump is firing the FBI director and telling the country it’s all about Comey’s handling of an issue for which Trump has repeatedly offered Comey praise.

No one is buying that.

As Elizabeth Warren so appropriately said on Tuesday: Nah, come on.