Crowd Boos And Screams F**k You At Paul Ryan As Trumpcare Disaster Grows For GOP

To say that the American people have an issue with Republican Speaker Paul Ryan after he ushered through a healthcare bill to take healthcare away from millions of Americans would be an understatement.

As Paul Ryan was leaving Success Academy charter school in Harlem Tuesday afternoon, he got loudly and angrily booed and people chanted, “Healthcare for all not just Paul!”

There were also “F*ck you!” chants, and there were a lot of them.

Watch here via independent video journalist Sandi Bachom, who noted, “got the shot, video coming, they are booing him mercilessly.” And in a later tweet to me, she noted that Ryan came out when everybody was leaving, “I waited two hours for this puppy, he tried to fake us out, came when everybody was leaving.”

Protesters met Ryan on his way in with chants of “Shame!” They carried signs reading, among other things, “Healthcare is a human right!”

House Republicans kept Obamacare for House Republicans in their bill, while giving Trumpcare to the rest of us, which is why protesters were screaming “Healthcare for all, not just Paul!” Republicans said they would be passing yet another bill to change that, but for some reason left it out of the bill they passed for our healthcare.

Paul Ryan is a loathed man in America.

Image: Screen cap of Sandi Bachom’s video