Paul Ryan Met With Chants Of Shame As Trumpcare Outrage Follows Republicans Everywhere

Paul Ryan was greeted by protesters shouting “Shame!” and carrying signs reading, among other things, “Healthcare is a human right!” during his Tuesday visit to the Success Academy charter school in Harlem.

“Paul Ryan just entered success academy, prompting ‘shame!’ chant,” Gothamist reporter Emma Whitford shared on Twitter Tuesday.

Signs greeted Ryan saying, “Healthcare is a human right!”, “Our lives are not your keg party!” and “Too cruel for school, NYC families won’t let your empty heart cost our students what they need to learn” as protesters chanted, “Shame!” at the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI).

People from The Alliance for Quality Education, the Working Families Party, Metro NY Health Care for All, Strong Economy for All, Make the Road NY and Citizen Action NY had vowed to protest Ryan’s visit.

Ryan avoided the people, of course, much as he did when passing the healthcare bill through the House with no actual, real debate:

Paul Ryan’s push to get Trumpcare through the House put an estimated 1 million people from New York City in jeopardy of losing their healthcare.

This is what happens when you lead the way to take healthcare away from millions of Americans. They follow you around and shout shame, and for good reason.

Update: Ryan gets booed as he’s leaving, people chanting “Healthcare for all not just Paul!”