GOP Congressman Calls For Special Prosecutor If Trump Replaces Comey With A White House Puppet

If Donald Trump doesn’t appoint a new FBI director that has widespread Democratic support in Congress, at least one Republican lawmaker would support a special prosecutor to look into possible Russia-Trump campaign collusion.

Conservative Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama said it would be “problematic” if Trump fired James Comey for nefarious reasons, which he likely did, but says the president must go “overboard” to please Democrats when it comes to replacing him, regardless of why he was fired.


When asked by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes if it would be concerning to him if it turns out Trump fired Comey to thwart the Russia investigation, Brooks said:

That would be problematic, it would be troublesome, and it’s the kind of information that would cause me to think that, again, the president has to go overboard in appointing someone as the new FBI director that the Democrats are comfortable with so we can put this issue behind us. In failing that, we need to have this matter resolved by somebody who is impartial, and that’s where Congress may have to step in to appoint a special investigator or prosecutor as the case may be. 

Not only is it troubling that Trump may have booted an FBI director because he couldn’t control an active investigation, it’ll be even more concerning if he appoints a replacement that is essentially a White House puppet.

The fact that a conservative like Mo Brooks is standing up and telling Trump not to do that, while also suggesting he would support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate this scandal, suggests that perhaps some Republicans do have a limit when it comes to how far they will go to give cover to the president, simply because he’s a member of the same party.

Hopefully, a growing number of Republicans will follow his lead as the Trump administration continues to engage in what is shaping up to be a cover-up of epic proportions.