Republicans Admit That Trump Is Having A Breakdown Because He Can’t Handle Reality

A Republican close to Trump admitted that the President is isolated and avoiding public appearance because he can’t handle the reality of governing and criticism from the media.

Robert Costa of The Washington Post tweeted:

The fact that Trump believed that people would not pay attention or hold to him to his promises is proof that he was unhinged from reality long before he won the White House.

Trump ran a campaign where he promised voters the moon and stars, so, of course, he is going to be under pressure to keep those promises. The presidency is the most scrutinized job in the world. Only someone who is living in a fantasy land could ever believe that the press and the media would ignore the president.

Donald Trump sounds like a president who is having a breakdown. He is failing at the job, and he knows it. His reality television and D-list celebrity tricks that used to work on the New York gossip columnists aren’t cutting it now that he is president.

At the end of the day, the problem remains that Trump can’t handle reality, and instead of learning how to lead, he is going to isolate himself and count down the days until he is voted out of office or impeached.