Democrats Get Great News As New Poll Shows People Believe Trump Fired Comey Over Russia

A new NBC News/Survey Monkey poll shows that by nearly a 2 to 1 margin Americans believe that Trump fired Comey over Russia and not for any other reason.

Here’s the poll:

A majority of Americans (54%) believe that Trump’s firing of Comey was not appropriate. What is fascinating about the poll is that Trump can’t get a majority of Republicans to believe his reason for firing Comey. Just 43% of Republicans believe that Comey was fired due to the way he handled Hillary Clinton’s emails. Twenty-two percent of Republicans believe that Comey was fired due to the Russia investigation. By a two to one margin, Independents believe that Comey was fired for the Russian investigation 47%-21%. Sixty-seven percent of Democrats believe that Comey was fired due to the Russia investigation, but these numbers demonstrate severe weakness for Trump on Russia.

Trump appears to handed Democrats a gift when he fired James Comey. The President managed to take the one course of action that would make him look guilty. Comey’s firing brought the Russia scandal back to the front of the American political discussion. Democrats can and should run on a promise of an independent investigation into Trump if they regain partial or full control of Congress.

Democrats already had healthcare, and Trump to run on next year. Now, they have the Russia scandal and a majority electorate that thinks that Trump is lying to them.

The Democrats already had momentum, but Trump is helping to create a political tsunami for Democrats in 2018.